Hours of fun with Elf for Christmas’s new North Pole Stickers set

Hours of fun with Elf for Christmas’s new North Pole Stickers set

Who doesn’t love playing with stickers? Spend more than a few minutes in our house and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be approached by a small person brandishing a sticker of some kind, to adorn your jumper, trousers, forehead – whatever they can reach really.

This is why we are so excited to launch our very own North Pole Christmas Stickers Fun Set!


Our gorgeously festive Christmas stickers are based on Gillian Gamble’s original illustrations for our Christmas story book, Elf’s First Adventure, featuring Santa Claus, the reindeer, our little mouse, and, of course, our very own girl and boy elves.

Your little ones will have hours of fun creating their very own magical Elf story with their Christmas stickers. There are more than 750 stickers to choose from and four different North Pole scenes from the book are included on 12 loose background sheets.

You never know – the kids might have so much fun creating their snowy North Pole scenes, they’ll leave the stickers off your face for once! Although, we can in no way guarantee that…

You can find our beautiful Christmas stickers set here.

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