Make your child and their Elf toy the star of their very own personalised book!

Make your child and their Elf toy the star of their very own personalised book!

From the outside, it may seem like Santa and the Elves run the magical North Pole like a well-oiled machine. But believe it or not from time to time they manage to get themselves in a right old muddle!

Fear not though, there’s always one clever little Elf around to sort everything out and make sure that every child on the Nice List gets a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve. And in the new personalised Christmas book from Elf for Christmas, that clever little Elf is YOURS!

But your Elf isn’t the only star – your child will have their name up in fairy lights too!

The Christmas Muddle – starring your child!

Our new personalised book will make storytime a truly magical experience for your little one.

The story centres around a big mix up at the North Pole, which results in Santa being confused over whether or not your child’s name is supposed to be on the Nice List! Santa enlists the help of your child’s Elf pal to sort out the muddle by sending him or her to stay with you for December.

Our personalised Christmas book will feature all kinds of details about your child, including where they live, what they would like for Christmas, their birthday and the names of their closest family and friends.

See the magic here:


The Christmas Muddle personalised book is the perfect accompaniment to our magical Christmas Elf toys. Available to order now – see the Elf for Christmas online shop for details.

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