North Pole breakfast ideas to make magical Christmas memories!

North Pole breakfast ideas to make magical Christmas memories!

Will you be enjoying a North Pole breakfast this year?

We all have our favourite December traditions. Putting out mince pies for Santa, getting into our Christmas Eve pyjamas, and of course our favourite Elf tradition – just to name a few!

Perhaps your family watch the same festive films every year, snuggled up on the sofa. Or maybe you get wrapped up for an afternoon walk after too many pigs in blankets. But, other than Christmas dinner itself, what Christmassy food do you look forward to? 

A North Pole breakfast can be enjoyed at any time throughout December, but two perfect opportunities are Christmas Day itself or, the one we enjoy most - enjoying a North Pole breakfast with your Elf after he or she arrives on December 1! 

What a lovely way to welcome your elf friend after their long trip to your house - they're bound to feel a bit peckish too!

Elf for Christmas has put together our best North Pole breakfast ideas, so you can start a new tradition this December, right from the table!

Which will be your favourite? Will you go for Santa strawberries or reindeer porridge? Our North Pole breakfast dishes are sure to go down a treat with the whole family! 

North Pole breakfast ideas 

1) Merry Pancakes

A simple combo of eggs, flour and milk (or buy a batter mix) makes a delicious North Pole breakfast. Just add your favourite flavours and toppings and voilà – the perfect, easy elf breakfast that’s also really fun to fry up!

We especially love adding Christmassy ingredients like cinnamon, melted chocolate and fresh berries. You could even cut up your pancakes into exciting shapes like stars or tree baubles. And when it comes to decoration, Christmas pancakes are the perfect opportunity for little hands to get involved. Try making a Santa beard out of bananas, then add blueberries for eyes and raspberries for his hat! Or why not go for a snowman pancake dusted with icing sugar for an extra snowy effect? 

2) Fruity Christmas Wreaths


One of our favourite North Pole breakfast ideas - and super helfy too! Our festive Christmas wreath breakfast is both delicious and nutritious, made with sweet, fresh fruits and a tasty toasted bagel.

Plus, because it’s so simple to make, you don’t have to wait until the 25th! A fruity Christmas wreath is the perfect North Pole breakfast for any day in December. You can also mix up the toppings to create lots of different Christmas wreaths – the possibilities are endless! You can get the recipe for this fruity North Pole breakfast here

3) The Festive Full English

With enthusiastic little ones eager to see if Santa’s been, you might end up with an early start on Christmas morning. If you think you’ll need lots of energy for the rest of the day, one of our bigger Christmas breakfast ideas is the perfect choice – a festive full English.

While you might want to hold back on the morning feasting to make room for your Christmas dinner, you can still enjoy a (slightly smaller) full English! Sausage, bacon, a fried egg or two – and don’t forget the grilled tomatoes. But how can you turn a full English into a Christmas breakfast? Use your artistic skills to arrange the eggs like eyes, then use bacon strips for antlers, a curved sausage for a smiley mouth and half a tomato for the nose. And there we have it – your full English is now Rudolph the reindeer! 

4) Strawberry Santas

This North Pole breakfast is super simple and great for getting children involved! First, mum needs to chop off the strawberry leaves and pop them in the bin. Then, cut off the tip of each strawberry to make little hats. Keep both your cut strawberries and hats to one side.

Using either whipped cream or cream cheese and icing sugar, pipe your cream onto the top of the strawberry. Then, let your little ones pop the hat back on, add a few chocolate chips for eyes, and you have your very own Santa strawberry! The perfect Christmas breakfast for those with a sweet tooth. 

5) Christmas Porridge


Who doesn’t love a warming, hearty bowl of porridge on a chilly, winter morning? Go one step further and make it a North Pole breakfast with our creamy Christmas porridge! Topped with yummy fruit like bananas and kiwis, you can easily create either a snowman or reindeer porridge bowl. One of our quickest and simplest Christmas breakfast ideas – you can find the recipe here

6) Reindeer Muffins

For one of our most magical Christmas breakfast ideas, you’ll need some black writing icing, pretzel crisps (cut in half), plus red and white chocolate beans. Don’t forget the muffins - blueberry is our favourite, but you could also have chocolate too.

Pipe a little icing onto your muffin, so you can stick the white and red chocolate beans on to make eyes and a nose. Then, use the icing to fix the pretzel halves to either side of the top of the muffin – they make great antlers! And for the final touch, add a black dot to each of the white chocolate beans, so your reindeer muffin really comes to life.

If you liked our North Pole breakfast ideas, why not try as many as you can all the way throughout December? Your Elf will surely love to sit at the table with your little ones as they tuck in to their tasty morning treat. A word of warning, though – we can’t guarantee your Elf won’t sneak a bite when no one else is looking!

For more Christmas recipes, head over to our Christmas baking ideas. With festive Elf cookies, tree lollies and lots more, we have plenty of recipe ideas for you and your little ones to make together.

December will never be the same again!

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