Christmas Elf Treasure Hunt
Christmas Elf Treasure Hunt
Christmas Elf Treasure Hunt

Christmas Elf Treasure Hunt

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Our Christmas Elf treasure hunt is an exciting way to have some family fun with your Elf this December. The North Pole clues include an introduction welcome card that asks 'Can you crack the clues in the Christmas Elf Hunt?'

Enjoy a new search and find game every day of December as you hide elf around your home and deliver a magical clue card, telling your child or children where to find their little friend.

We have included spare clue cards too - with 28 clue cards in total, if you aren't able to use every clue, there are some you can swap around. The clues have been written around every day life so should be easy to use at home.

A few examples below:

  • Elf loves hiding and the clues keep getting better - go and have a look where you might find a letter!
  • Have you seen Elf? Where the magic is at, is where you usually keep your hat!
  • Ssshhhhhh Elf is sleeping, don't make a sound, somewhere warm Elf can be found!
  • Little Elf has a smile that grown, find Elf in the place where a green thing grows!

Stand by for Christmas fun and magic every single day of December.

Pack contains 1 x introduction card and 28 x Elf Hunt cards.
Cards measure 55 x 85mm - the perfect Elf size.

We also offer this product personalised with your child's name here: Personalised Elf Treasure Hunt

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