Personalised Letter from Santa - Dog Edition
Personalised Letter from Santa - Dog Edition
Personalised Letter from Santa - Dog Edition

Personalised Letter from Santa - Dog Edition

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An alternative letter from Santa Claus - fully personalised mentioning your child or children, their town and most importantly their dog or dogs.

Santa writes a funny letter, addressed to the dog, explaining that he is coming on Christmas Eve and giving your dog some tips on how to greet him, how to behave around the reindeer and why he can't promise play time or a sleigh ride!

Perfect for dog lovers or those looking for something funny and different this year.

Free UK delivery included. 

Our personalised doggy Santa letter is printed on a luxury pearlescent heavyweight paper, with a tactile quality feel - perfect for conjuring up North Pole magic.

Presented in a personalised kraft brown envelope (addressed to the dog or dogs) with distinctive red decoration, receiving this is a truly magical North Pole experience.

Your personalised Santa letter can be addressed to either one or multiple dogs, and mention one or multiple children, we also mention other humans at home and the town you live in - families of all sizes can join in the festive fun.

We tuck their magical Letter from Santa and authentic North Pole envelope inside a plain white outer envelope addressed to you. You are free to hide it around the house, put it on the dogs bed, leave it on the doormat, or hide it with some dog treats - whenever you think the moment is right!

The details of this letter are wonderfully authentic and completely magical, with Santa himself confirming your children are on the Nice List due to their kindness and good effort all year.

The perfect magical surprise this December to create a little excitement for Christmas.

This product is FSC Certified, its production and distribution is Carbon Balanced using the Carbon Capture Scheme. Read more about that here.


This magical paper has to be seen to be believed. The unique pearlescent finish sparkles with magic. The full colour, double-sided personalised letter is a heavy weight 125gsm, 148mm x 315mm, folded twice and presented in a personalised C6 kraft envelope featuring a red North Pole Special Delivery postmark.

Why not add on our luxury personalised Nice List Certificate - a great addition to your Christmas Eve box, this traditional Nice List Certificate is personalised to your child and will be treasured forever.

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