10 funny Elf ideas that will have your little ones giggling ‘til Christmas

10 funny Elf ideas that will have your little ones giggling ‘til Christmas

Whether they’re making a mess in the kitchen, getting tangled up in tinsel or leading a conga line in the living room, the Elf for Christmas elves are always up to something.

While they may be a little bit naughty sometimes, there’s no denying that they can be very funny too!

Here are 10 of our favourite funny Elf ideas for Christmas mischief. Let us know what your Elf gets up to in the comments below, or share your photos of funny Elf ideas with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Check out our Elf ideas gallery for lots more pictures of Elf antics and mischief! 

Funny Elf idea 1: The elves have found the craft box

These funny elves have got themselves some new peepers!


Funny Elf idea 2: We all have little accidents sometimes…

Oops! Elf has pea’d on the floor!


Funny Elf idea 3: Elf’s getting some present wrapping practice in

These silly elves have been known to wrap up all kinds of crazy things: tables and chairs, Christmas trees, toilets… It’s all good practice for helping Santa though!



Funny Elf idea 4: Watch your language Elf!

This cheeky little guy is spelling out some of the rudest words he knows with the fridge magnets!


Funny Elf idea 5: Elf’s a bit too handy with the felt tips!

Naughty Elf has found an old photo and drawn moustaches and funny glasses on everyone!



Funny Elf idea 6: Elf was feeling a little peckish

Oh no! Silly Elf has gone and got himself stuck in the cereal box! What a mess.


Funny Elf idea 7: Elf’s in time-out

Elf must have gone too far with the mischief – he’s been put on the naughty chair! Let’s hope he thinks long and hard about what he’s done…


Funny Elf idea 8: Stuck again!

This little guy does have a habit of getting himself into some tight squeezes – now he’s stuck in a pint glass!


Funny Elf idea 9: Who wouldn’t want to pucker up for this cutey?

The Barbies will be lining up round the block for a smacker from this little Elf!


Funny Elf idea 10: Elfy cool-pants

This pair just like to hang around the house in their pants… or their human pals’ pants if they can’t find their own…


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