The 5 best Elf ideas to prove elves really are magical!

The 5 best Elf ideas to prove elves really are magical!

We all know how magical our Elf for Christmas toys are – the way our Christmas Elf inspires little ones to be their best selves by rewarding good behaviour is proof enough of that.

But if you’re looking for something that will really prove to your child just how enchanted their little Elf friend is, we’ve come up with five of the best Elf ideas for magical mischief.

Make sure to check out our Elf ideas gallery for lots more inspiration for your magical little pal.

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Magical Elf ideas #1: Elf’s surprise arrival

One of the most magical events in Elf season is the initial surprise of your little friend’s arrival! To make it really memorable, our Elf toys seem to come up with all kinds of inventive ways to make an entrance.

Of course, our Elf for Christmas reward kit comes complete with an arrival letter from Santa himself, explaining why Elf is here for a few weeks before Christmas, but many elves also like to make their presence known by arriving in a flurry of snow from the North Pole (or sometimes they just use flour, glitter, cotton wool, or whatever else they can find that won’t melt all over the floor…)


Some lucky elves even have an Elf door that also appears by magic on December 1st and then enables them to come and go from the North Pole whenever they please!


Magical Elf ideas #2: Elf gets stuck in a balloon!

This Elf idea is one that looks like it would be impossible to achieve – but elves are magic, so of course they can get stuck in balloons!


Louise from The House of Lou shared a picture of her Elf, Elvin, stuck like this!

There are some great step-by-step instructions for creating this Elf idea here.

Magical Elf ideas #3: Selfie Elfie

Gemma Harrison shared the pictures she found of her funny little Elf, Penelope, on her phone. Penelope had found a selfie stick and gone around the house taking pics of herself all night. The most magical bit of this Elf idea will be when your little one finds evidence that Elf was clearly right next to them and they never even knew!


Magical Elf ideas #4: Taste the magic rainbow!

This Elf knows all about the magic of science and has lined up a little experiment for your you to try!


Jen Whatmough shared these snaps of her Elf, Cookie, who has placed Skittles all around the edge of a plate and left instructions to carefully pour warm water into the middle of the plate without disturbing the sweets. Then watch as a magical rainbow appears before your eyes!

Magical Elf ideas #5: Caught on camera!

What more proof do you need of your magical Elf getting up to mischief than to actually capture it for yourself on camera?!

See more videos of Elf ideas for mischief over on our Elf videos page.

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