Christmas Elf Name Generator

One of the first Christmas activities you can start with your new Elf Toy is to choose the perfect name! But if you can’t think of one, our wonderful Christmas Elf Name Generator is great for helping you decide.

If you’re already picked out a very festive, elfish or funny Elf name, that’s fantastic. But if not, don’t worry – our Elf Name Generator will get you up and running in no time!

You might notice that some of the most common Elf names are used in the Elf Name Generator. We picked these funny Elf names from some of the most popular and famous Christmas Elves we have worked with in the past. Our Christmas Elf names list features names of the old Elves who have stayed with families for over 100 years. Any Christmas Elf would be proud to be named after one of these famous Santa helpers!

What's your Christmas Elf’s name?

There’s just a few small details we need before giving you your Elf name. Our Elf Name Generator uses this information to create some of the most magical, joyful and funny Elf names out there!

All you need to do to find your Elf name is:

  1. Choose the first letter of your first name
  2. Pick your favourite colour

For example, my name is Sarah and my favourite colour is green. So, using the Elf Name Generator, my Elf is called Freddy Sparklepants! That sounds like a pretty amazing Elf name to me.

Elf Name Generator

Write your Christmas Elf name on their tag so you don’t forget!

Make sure to share the Elf Name Generator with your friends, so everyone can find out their Christmas Elf name. Which one is your favourite?

You can also keep us updated and write your Elf name in the comments below.

If you’re looking for a name for your girl Elf, we have even more funny girl Elf names in our Christmas Girl Elf Name Generator here.


  • Keith Nurcombe

    my elf name is Tickle gumdrop my sisters elf name is Eddie humberdink and my freinds elf name is Alfie twinkaltoes

  • arriya

    can i please have a puppy for christmas

  • fatima

    My name is fatima and my favorite color is red so my elf name is “Candy Alfie”

  • Georgie

    My elf name is emie strippylights

  • Ethan

    I did this and my name was Jingle Stripytights. My dog is named Milo

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