Christmas Elf North Pole Breakfast Pancakes

Our lovely friends over at Feeding Finn have dreamt up this fun, Elf-inspired North Pole breakfast idea. These delicious Christmas pancakes are sure to brighten up any winter morning!  

Made with scrummy fruit toppings, this Elf breakfast will give you a break from all those festive chocolates. Plus, our Christmas pancakes are fun to make with the whole family, so everyone can get involved with this tasty North Pole breakfast. Why not try serving this on the morning you introduce Elf to your child?  

North Pole Breakfast Elf Pancakes

Elf for Christmas Pancake Breakfast


Favourite Pancake / Crepe Recipe (our Little Elves like fluffy American Style pancakes)





Pour your Christmas pancake mixture into the pan, over a low heat, and make one large pancake. Remove and make two smaller pancakes

Place the large pancake onto a plate / board and cut ears and noses from the smaller pancakes.

Half the raspberries and place on the top part of the Elf’s face to make the bottom of the hat.

Half the grapes and form the Elf’s hat. Top with a raspberry.

Make the Elf’s eyes and mouth using raisins.

Enjoy! x

Visit Feeding Finn for more inspiration & great ideas. It's our "go-to" website for the Little Elves meal planning.


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