A fun and festive guide to the Christmas Elf door

A fun and festive guide to the Christmas Elf door

Discover the magic of the Elf door! Brand-new for 2018, our Christmas Elf door is the perfect way to bring some festive fun to your home this December. 

But with Christmas still a few months away (89 days to go!), we have a little time to find out more about this enchanting little entrance. So, we’ve had a look in the official Elf Handbook to learn how the magic really works and uncover the secrets behind the Christmas Elf door. Plus, we’ve got lots of Elf door ideas to make sure you never run out of festive plans in the countdown to the Big Day. 

What is an Elf door? 

So, what exactly is an Elf door? We know you’re dying to find out. With the help of some special magic from Santa Claus himself, the Elf can be speedily transported from one place to another. Simply open up with the tiny golden handle and reveal the magical gateway than can take Elf to and from the North Pole. But don’t worry – with a whizz and whoosh, the Elf can come straight back to your home again. 

What does a Christmas Elf door look like? 

How will your Elf know where to go if he doesn’t know which entrance is the right one? But that won’t be a problem, as our Christmas Elf door is easy to spot. Painted in a deep festive red on top of a snow-covered path, it’s clear to see this enchanted entrance. It also has two sparkling stars adorning either side, which are the perfect match to the golden doorbell and handle. 

If that wasn’t enough for Elf, he can also find his way by checking out the handy little signs hanging beside this charming gateway. These signs can even be changed to suit wherever he goes on his travels – but we’ve got more on that in our Elf door ideas below. 

What’s more, perhaps best of all, our magical door lights up! That way, even on dark winter nights, your merrymaking pal will always know which path to take to get himself home and tucked up in bed. 

Check out our Elf Door Unboxed video:

Elf door ideas 

Now we know what the Elf door does. But if that wasn’t enough, we have plenty of Christmas Elf door ideas to keep your little ones entertained! 

Perfect for making your Elf’s grand arrival on the first of December, we imagine you’ll find your friendly new pal collapsed in a heap of snow (or flour) right outside the door. Travelling all the way from the North Pole must have made your Elf very tired. Quick, feed him some festive Christmas cookies to build his strength back up! But don’t let him have too many, as a mischievous Elf mixed with sugar can only make mayhem! 

Though, this gateway isn’t just there for your festive friend’s arrival. We have lots of Elf door ideas for even more fun throughout December. 

First, we know your Elf needs to travel a lot to the North Pole. After all, he has to make regular nightly reports to Santa Claus, updating the Big Man on your child’s behaviour. Hopefully, your little one will make the Nice List! 

But Elf doesn’t just journey to the North Pole. He can also use the Christmas Elf door to tour the Enchanted Forest. Maybe he might meet a festive fairy or two! Or perhaps if Elf is feeling extra helpful, he’ll nip over to the Elf Workshop to make some wonderful toys. Though, that mischief-maker is more likely to get himself tangled up in all the wrapping paper! 

When the fun’s over and it’s time for bed, we have one more idea to make the magic last. After reading a wonderful Christmas book to your little ones before they settle down to sleep, simply switch on the door’s special light. This works as a comforting night light to remind children that their Elf is always looking out for them. 

Festive fun for all the family 

The Christmas Elf door is designed to inspire creativity, imagination and wonder among your children. What other Elf door ideas can they come up with? We’d love to hear! Let us know on our FacebookTwitterInstagram or Pinterest Board! You can also pre-order your own Elf Door here.

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