Choose your magical Elf name with the Elf Name Generator

Choose your magical Elf name with the Elf Name Generator

Now your cheeky Christmas elf is on it’s way to cause some mischief, it’s going to need it’s very own Christmas elf name. Could it be a Jingly McSnowflake or maybe a Tinsel Sparklebottom? What about a Percy Fizzcracker or a Maggie Gigglepops?!

Not to worry!  Our magic Christmas Elf Name Generator is here to help you pick the perfect Boy Elf Name or Girl Elf name to bring your festive and friendly Christmas Elf to life and give them a name that’s as mischievous, adorable or as cheeky as they are!

It’s super simple to get started, all we need is a few important pieces of information then our super-secret, ultra-scientific technology will whizz off and do the work for you.

 Click here  and off you go!

How does it work?

With a dust, a polish and sprinkle of Christmas magic, the Christmas Elf Name Generator simply takes a few details from you -  all you need is your name, birthday and favourite colour - and then BOOM! Your Elf Name is magically created for you.

Here are some of our all-time favourite cheeky Elf names:

  • Treacle Sproutlegs
  • Effie McSnowsnaps
  • Snowball Jinglepops
  • Cocoa Candybottom
  • Sugarplum Twinkletoes

We’re sure you’ll also find some wonderful and wacky names for your elves from the Elf Name Generator! Don’t forget to share your favourite ones with us on our Facebook and Twitter.


What can you use the Elf name for?

Once you have your Elf name at the ready, it’s up to you how you use it!

Of course, most of us would use the Elf Name Generator to create an official name for our festive and friendly Christmas Elf Toy. When our adorable new friend comes to greet us on December 1st, you can give him or her the perfect name.

But you can also take your Elf name one step further and use it to sign all your Christmas cards! That’s right – December is almost here, which means it’s time to get cracking with those Christmas wishes and cards.

This year, wouldn’t it be funny if you signed all those Christmas cards from your new pal’s magical Elf name? All your friends and family would certainly get the giggles if they received their Christmas card from a Maggie Gigglepops or a Perky Fizzycrackers!

What’s more, if you’re looking for a special card for your little one, don’t forget our personalised Christmas cards from your very own Elf. These cards come directly from the North Pole and include a tailor-made message just for your child.

We have a great selection of magical designs available, featuring our favourite Boy and Girl Elf. You can even choose a North Pole card with two Elves for double the mischief!


Looking for more festive fun Elf ideas?

Our Personalised Christmas Elf treasure hunt is the perfect way to have some family fun with your Elf every single day of December!

You can have a new clue every day of Advent as you hide your Christmas Elf around your home and deliver a magical clue card, telling your child or children where to find their little friend.

The magical North Pole clues are addressed personally to your child from Santa Claus in an introduction welcome card that asks 'Can you crack the clues in the Christmas Elf Hunt?'

Or how about our printable elf activity planner to help get you started?

If you're worried your Christmas Elf might get a little stuck for ideas, fear not! We've got just what you need to be prepared - simply download our amazing Elf Ideas Planner here.

Don’t forget to check out our Elf Blog for even more festive fun ideas this season.

Remember to have your-elf a merry little Christmas!

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