Elf mischief sorted! 24 easy elf ideas on our printable planner

Elf mischief sorted! 24 easy elf ideas on our printable planner

It's nearly time! The elves here at the North Pole are busy dusting off their little elf suitcases, packing their spare dungarees and planning out all the mischief they'll get up to when they finally get to visit their humans!

Yes, elf season is once again upon us and we cannot wait to hear about all the antics your little visitors will be getting up to in the run up to Christmas.

Easy elf ideas for mischief

If you're worried your elf might get a little stuck for ideas, fear not! We've got just what you need - simply download our amazing Elf Ideas Planner here.


We've filled your planner with some really easy elf ideas for every day of advent, so your little pal will never run out of ideas again!

We've covered all the basics - raiding the biscuit barrel, covering the Christmas tree with pants, wrapping up the remote control. Your elf can pick and choose whichever ideas they like, or follow our daily planner to the letter - it's entirely up to them!

Don't forget, we also have a blank 2019 Antics Planner here, if you prefer to fill your own in.

And if you have a returning elf, you can also print out our 'I'm Back' signs here.

Have fun! x

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