Christmas Party Games for Kids  – free printable downloads!

Christmas Party Games for Kids – free printable downloads!

Everyone loves good Christmas games. Children’s Christmas party games, just a bit silly and full of fun and laughter – it’s what family Christmases are all about!



Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party of just have a couple of bored kids on your hands during the school holidays, we’ve got 7 brilliant Christmas party games for you to try. And the best part is, our Christmas Elf games are really easy to set up, plus they’re completely free! 

7 Christmas party games

1.      Pin the hat on the Christmas Elf

A classic party game with an elfish Christmas twist! Simply download our free printable girl or boy Elf, then print it out (A3 size will work best for this), stick it on a sheet of cardboard, cut out the hat and you’re ready to go!

To play this Christmas party game, hang your hatless Elf on the wall and stick some Blu tack to the back of your Elf hat. Each player then takes a turn to stand blindfolded in front of the Elf. They spin around three times, then must try to stick the hat on the Elf’s head. The player who gets the hat closest to the Elf’s head is the winner!

Download our free printable girl Elf

Download our free printable boy Elf


2.      Elf snowball toss

Another classic Christmas party game! Download our free printable Christmas Elf, print it out (again, A3 size will work best), then stick it on cardboard. Cut out the mouth, then prop your Elf up.

To play this kids’ Christmas party games, players have to throw “snowballs” (i.e. cotton wool balls) into the Elf’s mouth. The player who manages to get the most snowballs in the Elf’s mouth is the winner!

Download our free printable snowball toss Elf.


3.      Snowman bowling

This Christmas party game is super easy to set up. All you need are six empty toilet roll tubes, paper for printing, glue, some colouring pens and a tennis ball.

Print and decorate six snowmen or snow women. Cut these out and stick them to the toilet roll tubes, then arrange them standing in a triangle with one snowman at the front, two side by side behind him and three in a row behind them. Each player then takes a turn to try to bowl all the snowmen ‘bowling pins’ over with the tennis ball.  


4.      Snowball pong

For this fun Christmas party game, you’ll need 10 plastic cups, some Blu Tack, a marker pen, a table and some cotton wool balls.

Write the number 10 inside the first cup, the number 20 in the next two cups, 30 in the next three and 40 in the final four.

Arrange your cups in a triangle and stick them to the table with Blu tack. Each player then takes turns to stand a set distance away from the cups and throw a “snowball” (a cotton wool ball) into a cup. The player with the highest score is the winner!

5.      Candy cane treasure hunt

Exactly the same as an Easter egg hunt, but this Christmas Elf game uses candy canes instead of Easter eggs!

Simply hide a whole load of candy canes around your house and set the kids away to find them. For older children you could include clues to help them puzzle the answers in order to collect all of the canes.

*WARNING* Unless you can restrict your candy cane hunt to one room only, it might be best to leave this party game until AFTER Santa has been… You wouldn’t want any little ones accidentally stumbling over any secret hiding places now, would you!


6.      Build a snowman race

This Christmas party game for kids is great fun, but make sure you’ve got plenty of toilet roll to spare!

Split your party into two or more teams. Each team must nominate one player as their “snowman.” The teams then race to see who can wrap their snowman up in toilet roll, scarf and hat the fastest!


7.      Spaghetti marshmallow tower challenge

The aim of this Elf party game is to see who can build the tallest freestanding tower of marshmallows. Players can use dried spaghetti to help construct their towers.

The winner gets to eat all their marshmallows!

As always, we absolutely LOVE hearing from you – so let us know what your favourite Christmas party game is in the comments below. Or better still, send us your pictures on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

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