Register your child for Elf for Christmas’s free emails from Santa

It’s all go here at the North Pole as we get ready for The Big Day (only three months to go! Eeek!). As well as beavering away to make sure all those toys are ready for Santa to deliver on Christmas Eve, the post room elves are currently busy clearing space for the flood of children’s letters to Santa that will be arriving over the weeks to come.

Just imagine how excited those children will be when Santa sends a personal message back to them!


Register your child for emails from Santa

Registration for our magical Elf For Christmas emails from Santa is now open. You can sign your little one up here to receive their very own personal emails from the Big Man himself – all we need are a few details from you, such as your child’s name, their favourite toy, the colour of their front door etc.

Santa will write to your child throughout December, updating them on all the goings-on at the North Pole as he, Mrs Claus and the elves get ready for Christmas Eve. And he’ll also let your little one know about the updates he’s been getting from their Christmas Elf pal – and remind them about how important it is to listen to Mummy or Daddy!

Our emails from Santa are not only a special and magical treat for your child, they also help to reinforce the good-behaviour message that comes with Elf, helping to ensure your little one stays firmly on the Nice List!

This year, we’ve added the option of registering up to five children to a single email address. Each child will receive their own individual and personalised emails from Santa.

We promise that neither we nor Santa will share any of your details (or your child’s) with anyone and we won’t spam you.

Please note, if you registered your child for Elf’s emails from Santa last year, you’ll need to re-register this year to confirm that you wish to receive our emails again.

Click here to register your child.

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  • sEan hUrst tHompson

    Hello there elves

    It’s Sean here I can’t wait til Christmas 2022i hope Santa everyone’s okay

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