What's your Elf name?

What's your Elf name?

Ever wondered what’s your Elf name? Here at the North Pole, the Elves have some of the most wonderful names we’ve ever heard. We count Crackers Magee, Trixie Gigglebot and Ginger Glitterpants among some of our very best friends!

But what is your Elf name? What would you be called if you lived here with us at the magical North Pole? If you’re not sure, there is a way you can find your Elf name in a flash.

Learning what’s your Elf name can be useful in all sorts of ways. For a start, you could name your very own Elf for Christmas elf toy after yourself! You might even sign all your Christmas cards from your Elf name. We bet your family and friends would be very surprised if they received a card all the way from the North Pole!

So you’re ready to discover how to find your Elf name – but how does it work?

Thanks to some magical, whizzy, Santa Claus-approved computer techy stuff, you can actually find out what your official Elf name is. With a dash of sciencey know-how and a pinch of enchanted Elf dust, we’ve created the marvellous Elf Name Generator. Let’s get ready to reveal your true Elf identity!

Find your Elf name here!

The Elf Name Generator takes your first name, your birthday month and your favourite colour. Once we have all the important details, that’s when the magic happens.

Our wondrous gizmo scientifically and accurately calculates what’s your Elf name, just in time for Christmas. Who knows what kind of exciting and spectacular Elf names we’ll find?

Try it now for yourself, then make sure you share it with your friends, so they can find their Elf names too!

Let us know your official Elf name in the comments below.

Go to the Elf Name Generator


  • Gabriella🌼🍓🌸💗

    I love christmas and now i am going to know my elf name wow!!!

  • Myaja liles


  • Beth

    I love elf’s and I love crismas and I have two elf’s called Elfis and snowflake I love you elf’s and Santa

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