When Elf forgets to move… 3 good reasons your Elf toy might have stayed put overnight

When Elf forgets to move… 3 good reasons your Elf toy might have stayed put overnight

Our cheeky Christmas Elf toys are famous for the mischief they regularly get up to overnight when no-one’s looking.

Decorating the house in toilet roll streamers, starting a conga line with the other toys, making a mess with cornflakes in the kitchen – we’ve all seen the trouble these little guys get up to throughout December!

But what about those rare occasions when Elf forgets to move?

It happens from time to time. But how do you explain it to your excited little one who’s come racing down the stairs to find out what antics their Elf toy’s been up to, only to discover them in exactly the same place where they left them the night before?

Fear not – there are plenty of good reasons why a Christmas Elf might forget to move.

Here are the top 3 reasons we’ve heard here at Elf for Christmas:

1.      Elf’s playing a trick on you!

Of course your Elf toy moved – but then they put themselves back in exactly the same position, just to play a trick on you! I bet if you looked really really closely, you’d be able to see they were in a slightly different pose from last night…

2.      The weather at the North Pole meant it wasn’t safe to fly last night

The snowstorms were so bad at the North Pole last night that Santa sent a message to all the Christmas elves telling them to stay put. He didn’t want them getting stuck when they flew back to make their nightly report. Unfortunately, your elf got the wrong end of the stick and thought Santa meant he had to stay put where he was in the house! Silly elf!

3.      Your Elf toy is super tired

Your Christmas elf didn’t forget to move – he just needed a rest! He’s just been working so hard on his mischief lately he fell asleep. He slept all night long, just like you, so he’d be all refreshed and ready for making even more mischief. I bet he’s got something big planned for tonight…


If you’re worried your Elf toy is running out of ideas for mischief, don’t worry – we’ve got lots of Elf antics ideas for you in the blog! Let us know what your Christmas elf likes to get up to in the comments.

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