Your Elf-help guide: How to welcome a Christmas Elf through the Elf door

Your Elf-help guide: How to welcome a Christmas Elf through the Elf door

Every Elf for Christmas is packed with magic, fun and mischief. But how will yours make their big entrance into your home? We have lots of Elf arrival ideas – but perhaps the most special of all is through the magical Elf door! 

With the Elf for Christmas Magical Elf Door, your Elf has the perfect enchanted portal to travel directly from the North Pole into your home! And of course, it comes with the added bonus that the elves don’t have to use up their magical flying dust every night. That leaves all the more for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve! 

What’s more, your Magical Elf Door lights up whenever Elf magic is near. So, every time your Elf appears, the light will of course be glowing bright. 

In the days leading up to the big arrival, you can choose whether you’d like to get your little ones involved in finding the ideal spot in your home for your Magical Elf Door. Or, perhaps it might magically arrive along with your Elf on the first of December. 

Every Elf has their own special way of making an entrance. No doubt yours will have their own Elf arrival ideas for your children to find.

Though, we have spoken to a number of our elves to find out what they’re planning for their grand entrance. Here are a few of our favourite Elf arrival ideas… 

Elf arrival ideas 

Elf magically appears by his door overnight 


One of our easiest Elf arrival ideas for when your Elf likes to keep it simple. Holding his special little arrival letter from Santa in his arms, he’ll sit patiently by his magical Elf Door. This Elf is just waiting to be discovered by his new best friends. Of course, he’ll also have his Christmas reward chart, stickers and Santa Please Stop Here sign ready to hand over. A whole 24 days of fun lies ahead with this little guy! 

Elf comes bearing gifts


Some elves just don’t like to turn up empty-handed. We hear a number of elves are planning to arrive along with advent calendars for their little pals – a sweet treat or two, or maybe even a whole set of 24 advent books to open! Of course, our favourite book is our very own “Elf’s First Adventure.” We’re led to believe a lot of elves will appear on December 1 holding their very own copy. 

A Christmas elf treasure hunt 

The Magical Elf Door light is on, but where’s your Elf? All that can be seen is a little card with a tricky clue on… Your elf has set up a treasure hunt that has to be solved to find him!

This is one of our most magical Elf arrival ideas for elves visiting slightly older children. Although, we’ve also been told by some elves that it can work for younger ones too. They simply replace the clues with arrows, or trails of ‘snow’ (confetti or even shredded paper towels works well in homes that are too warm for real snow). This treasure hunt then leads the little ones all through the house to their funny Elf pal. 

Mischievous Elf arrival ideas


Some elves just can’t wait to get up to tricks and tomfoolery! 

All elves have a predisposition for mischief – it’s just in their nature. But some elves are so naughty, they can’t even get through one night without causing mayhem!

Whether it’s arriving in a shower of glitter or confetti, breaking into the pantry to make snow angels with the flour, or draping the living room in swathes of tinsel, this little guy will be sure to make a mess! If this is just Day One, what on earth will this Elf get up to for the rest of the month?! 

(If you'd like to see more ideas for elf mischief, check out our gallery here.)

Whichever way your lovable Elf for Christmas decides to appear in your house, you know it’s going to be a December full of fun and magic. And with the Magical Christmas Elf Door, your Elf will be able to get back and forth from the North Pole to report to Santa with ease! 

December will never be the same again… 

If you want to know more about the magic and secrets behind the Christmas Elf Door, you can read all about it here.

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    Hello Santa please could we have an elf door in our house. Chloe would really like one for our elf bob. 🎄 merry christmas

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