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Sorry I’m late! The weather at the North Pole was terrible… and other excuses for your Christmas Elf to arrive after December 1!

Elf_for_christmas_elf_toyWorried you’ve missed out on the Elf for Christmas craze this year? Fear not! We’ve got a whole list of reasons why your Christmas elf was late…

People say the nicest things! Elf for Christmas in the Press

Elf_for_christmas_elf_toyOur adorable little elf toy is proving a big hit with reviewers! No wonder this little guy is blushing...
Teaching resources – using your Elf for Christmas in the classroom

Elf_for_Christmas_teaching_resourcesFind out how our free teaching resources mean our award-winning Elf for Christmas can help in the classroom just as much as in the home!
Girl Elf Name Generator
Christmas Girl Elf Toy

Are you a Jemima Jollybum or a Molly Glitterpants? Find out your girl elf name with our fun Christmas Girl Elf Name Generator.

Elf for Christmas’s top 24 books for your 2016 Book Advent Calendar

Elf Book AdventStruggling for ideas for your book advent calendar this year? Elf for Christmas has 24 suggestions for your little ones’ countdown to Christmas.
Elf for Christmas celebrates World Food Day 2016 on October 16
Find out what World Food Day 2016 is all about and how you can get involved in helping to combat hunger, in Elf for Christmas’s blog.
Read all about it! Elf for Christmas now stars in his very own book!

Elf_For_Christmas_bookJoin everyone’s favourite Christmas Elf for his first magical adventure! Elf for Christmas stars in his very own Christmas book, the perfect Christmas gift for children.

Register your child for Elf for Christmas’s free emails from Santa

Elf_For_Christmas_emails_from_santaRegister your child and your Elf for Christmas to receive our free emails from Santa – and keep the magic and excitement of Christmas alive all through December!
Keep your Elves busy with our free Christmas colouring sheets

Elf_For_Christmas_colouring_sheetsElf for Christmas's free Christmas colouring sheets are the perfect Christmas crafts to keep your little elves out of mischief! We've all kinds of free printables - including colouring sheets, Christmas craft activities and teaching resources - in our Fun Stuff To Do section.
Elf Scoops "LovedByParents" Award for Best Creative Activity
The modern family tradition, ‘Elf for Christmas’ has scooped its first award, taking home the LovedByParents Platinum Award in the Best Creative Activity category
Easter activities to keep a little Elf out of mischief

The North Pole is far too chilly for the Easter Bunny to get to, so our poor old elves never get a delivery of his yummy chocolate eggs. But being the creative little fellows that they are, they've come up with a whole host of Easter treats to make and enjoy themselves.

Creative Christmas Ideas - Christmas To-Do List

Elf_for_christmas_elf_toyOur free printable list of creative Christmas ideas will keep you and your little ones busy for the whole of December!
Christmas Elf North Pole Breakfast Pancakes
These fabulous North Pole breakfast pancakes are a lovely way of bringing Christmas to the breakfast table! Guaranteed to make your little ones smile...
Make Hot Chocolate a favourite Christmas activity!
There's nothing like a lovely mug of hot chocolate to warm you up on a cold winter's day. Why not shake it up a little, with some of these exciting hot chocolate recipes?
Creative Christmas Ideas – Christmas Elf Pyjamas
Design your own Christmas pyjamas to keep Elf snuggly warm with our free printable colouring sheet.
Creative Christmas Ideas - Design a Christmas Bauble
Our free printable colouring sheets are the perfect Christmas craft activity! Try designing your own Christmas bauble - why not add glitter or sequins for extra sparkle?
Christmas Elf Free Printable - Wordsearch
Our free printable activity sheets are a great Christmas activity to keep your little ones entertained! This Christmas wordsearch should keep them busy for a while.
Free Printable Elf Ideas Christmas Planner
Download our free printable Elf antics planner to help you plan and keep track of the mischief your Elf gets up to!
Kindness Elves - 5 Acts of kindness to show your Christmas Elf
Papa Elf has some great ideas for spreading Elf kindness around this Christmas. And they could help your little one stay on the Nice List...
Christmas Elf Trailer

Find out more about An Elf for Christmas in our trailer, starring Eddie McJingle and Freddy Sparklepants.
Christmas Elf Name Generator

Elf_for_christmas_elf_name_generatorStruggling to pick a Christmassy name for your new Elf friend? Our Christmas Elf Name Generator can help - all names are based on actual real-life North Pole elves.