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A Day in the Life: What Elf Does at the North Pole
Have you ever wondered what Elf does all day at the magical North Pole? Being such good friends with all the little guys, we were able to speak to one Christmas Elf to find out!
What's your Elf name?

What’s your Elf name? Are you a Betsy Bubblebuns or an Eddie Fizzybottom? Try Elf for Christmas’s amazing Elf name generator now to reveal your true Elf identity.

Family Christmas Eve traditions we love
Whether it’s spent snuggled up in Christmas pyjamas, or playing Santa and delivering gifts, Christmas Eve has to be THE most exciting night of the year!
An exciting new way to celebrate Advent – direct from the magical North Pole!
Elf for Christmas launches an exciting alternative to the traditional advent calendar – Advent Letters direct from the North Pole for every day of December!
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Register your child and your Elf toy with Elf for Christmas and Santa will send you emails throughout December! How amazing is that?!

Win a set of our new magical Advent Letters with Elf for Christmas
Make December even more magical by winning a set of our brand new magical Advent Letters - the perfect addition to our award-winning Christmas Elf toy!
Our 2017 Elf Antics Planner - free to download and print
Perfect for organising what your Elf is going to get up to while they stay with you - download our free A4 full-colour Elf Antics Planner. You're welcome!
Share your Elf toy snaps to win with Elf for Christmas!

We love seeing the wonderfully wacky and creative mischief our Elf toy gets up to at Christmas! Send us your photos and you could win £30 to spend at Elf for Christmas.

How did Elf for Christmas make your Christmas magical? Let us know and you could win a prize!
Did Elf for Christmas make Christmas for your little one even more magical? We want to hear about it! There’s a £30 Elf for Christmas voucher up for grabs for our favourite story.
Grow a sunflower with a little help from Elf for Christmas

kids_garden_ideas_sunflowerEasy to grow and with quick results, growing sunflowers is the perfect outdoor activity for kids. Elf for Christmas asked our green-fingered North Pole pals for some top tips…

Give Dad the recognition he deserves this Father’s Day, with our free printable World's Best Dad certificates

fathers_day_best_dad_certificateDownload Elf for Christmas’s free printable certificates and let the Dad in your life know just how brilliant he is this Father’s Day!

Make your own Elf for Christmas World Book Day costume!

Make your own Elf hatWorld Book Day is fast approaching, so to help you out Elf for Christmas has some top tips for creating your own fantastic Elf World Book Day costume!

Share your World Book Day pictures with us for a chance to win a pile of brilliant children’s books!
It is almost World Book Day and you could win a collection of amazing children’s books, including a signed copy of Elf’s First Adventure, to celebrate World Book Day 2017 on March 2nd 2017.
Elf for Christmas teams up with Dorset Cereals to brighten up your day the ‘Elfy’ way!

All elves know the value of a hearty breakfast – so Elf for Christmas has teamed up with Dorset Cereals to give away free fun-sized boxes of yummy cereal. Find out how to enter here…

Elf celebrates National Hugging Day on January 21 with 5 fun hug facts!

Elf_for_Christmas_national_hugging_dayNational Hugging Day is celebrated annually on January 21, but Elf for Christmas thinks everyone should get to enjoy hugs every day! Read on to learn why they’re so good for you.
Our top Elf snowman building tips for World Snowman Day

World Snowman Day

If there’s one thing a North Pole Elf is an expert in, it’s how to build a snowman. Living in a place with year-round snow means our little elves get plenty of practice!

So, in honour of World Snowman Day on January 18, Elf for Christmas will share our top tips for building super snowmen…

Ho Ho Ho - Prosecco!

Elf for Christmas Competition

Fancy winning 6 Bottles of Prosecco on us to help you put a bit of a sparkle into Christmas? Then read on...

24 funny and naughty Elf Ideas that little ones will love!

What mischief does your Christmas elf toy get up to in December? We’ve got elf mischief ideas that your little ones will love for every day in the run up to Christmas.
Christmas Elf Activities for Older Children

Christmas should be a magical time for children of all ages! Here are a few of our favourite Christmas Elf activities for older children.

Sorry I’m late! The weather at the North Pole was terrible… and other excuses for your Christmas Elf to arrive after December 1!

Elf_for_christmas_elf_toyWorried you’ve missed out on the Elf for Christmas craze this year? Fear not! We’ve got a whole list of reasons why your Christmas elf was late…

People say the nicest things! Elf for Christmas in the Press

Elf_for_christmas_elf_toyOur adorable little elf toy is proving a big hit with reviewers! No wonder this little guy is blushing...